Aaron Ashcraft

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Aaron Ashcraft


I've been working for 25 years as a potter in Millcreek . Gas fired stoneware pots and sculptural pieces have been my passion for most of that time. Four years ago I discovered Obvara firing. The process is dynamic, immediate and the results are very satisfying. Obvara Firing is a low fire and decorative technique. The best pieces have a nice positive/negative spatial relationship and amazing visual moments provided by the Brew which pop out at the viewer. With this unique technique I am trying to make beautiful pieces that are fresh and radically different.

Unglazed pottery is heated to 1650 degrees. Hot pieces are dunked in a fermenting “Brew” of flour, yeast, sugar and water. Removed from the Brew, the pottery blackens and the Brew creates amazing patterns and textures as it chars on the pottery. Cold water stops the charring and makes the pattern permanent. Underglazes applied before the firing create color and contrast.

Come and visit my studio! I'll have lots of work to see and I'm happy to demonstrate throwing on the wheel.