Nick Rees


Nick Rees

I am an artist, working in both acrylic and oil and I’m excited to be participating in the Wasatch Studio Tour. At my studio you will have a chance to see the full spectrum of my art. My work varies from traditional landscapes to nonrepresentational abstracts, with stops along the way. My heart is really drawn to the western landscape, but at the same time I want my work to be more  than just a copy of it. I want my painting to be a representation of my perception of the scene.  

 I like to work in different mediums and techniques to keep a fresh perspective, it’s like cross training. I use the tools of the artist to express my vision of the natural world, and to create visual pleasure!

 So for those that have seen my work and those that haven’t, I invite you to stop by, I have works as large as 8’x4’ down to 9”x12”. I’d love to talk with you or you can watch me work.   

I was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1951; I am a self-taught artist, with 30 years experience. 

Hope to see you soon