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David LeCheminant


David LeCheminant

wood sculpture

 I think of myself as a both an artist and a craftsman - equal parts concept and hands-on doing. Also, I have always respected the egalitarian and accessible nature of craft, with its material emphasis, which drives me to find new approaches to the material, allowing me to express my ideas appropriately. I combine ideas from nature, urban living and contemporary culture then use the language of form to express myself in a way that is synthetic and abstract, working from concepts that are direct, relevant and contain intrinsic personal meaning.

Regarding wood as a material, it is natural, living, sustainable and imperfect. I often leave both the natural imperfections and those created via process as added visual texture - a record of the material's origins and vulnerabilities and as a subtle reminder of our own natural and imperfect state. In a world of digital everything, I want my work to be analogue, hand made, and to say: "made of wood". Refined but not rarefied.