Wasatch Studio Tour



Who can participate in Wasatch Studio Tour?

Full or part time artists, working in the Salt Lake Valley, devoted to and actively engaged in their art practice who have or are willing to find a suitable studio space to exhibit.

When is Wasatch Studio Tour?

Saturday and Sunday, October 12 and 13, 2019

Where does Wasatch Studio Tour take place?

Your studio located in the Salt Lake Valley. The public is interested in seeing what makes you an artist including your studio space. This will be a great opportunity for you to discus your process and concepts in the place where it all happens.

I live outside the Salt Lake Valley, can I still participate?

Yes! But you must find a suitable venue in the SL Valley to set up a weekend studio and to display your work, preferably with an artist who has a studio.

My studio is in my home, can I still participate?

Yes. Many artists work out of their home and if you are comfortable inviting people into your space, this will be a great opportunity for you to interact with the public and let them see what makes you an artist. After you have registered, you will be encouraged to attend a workshop on how to conduct an open studio, including one in your home studio. 

I am not comfortable inviting the public into my home.

We understand not all artists are comfortable inviting people into their home studios. The best alternative is to combine efforts with a friend who is an artist with a studio who is willing to share space. Better yet, form a mini-group of three artists in one studio and pay only $90 per artist. Also, WST is working on options to help with this issue and will communicate those details in April.

What are the benefits of Wasatch Studio Tour?

  • Exposure to new art enthusiasts and collectors

  • Inclusion in all marketing programs and materials 

  • Strengthen relationships with existing collectors

  • Show your friends and family  “what you do”….

  • Interact with the art-interested public in the environment where you make your work

  • Test new ideas and concepts

  • Be part of a pioneering arts event

  • And… WST is great motivation to clean and organize studio and get your work out there in front of a new audience!

Why is the cost $125? 

We looked at established studio tours in several cities in the Western US and arrived at this number, which is on the low end. Pricing as follows:

  • Individual artist: $125.

  • Mini group: $90 per artist, 3 artists in one location*

  • Group: $75 per artists, 4+ artists in one location*

  • Scholarships: $50 per artist (limited fund)

  • Cancelation/refund: full refund before June 1. No refund after June 1.

  • *group sites will be approved by WST and certain requirements apply

I can’t be open on both days:

We understand not all artists can be open both days but would still like you to participate. Please contact us to make arrangements for one-day participation.

I have Gallery representation in Salt Lake, can I still participate?

WST supports the artist/gallery relationship and we’ve gotten positive encouragement and feedback from many SLC galleries who recognize the benefit to their business and to the art community in general. That said, you are responsible for making arrangements with your galleries.

I am part of an artist collective, can I participate?

Yes! We have a program designed to meet the needs of larger collectives. If you are a site of four or more artists in one location, we have a group rate or $75/artist. Group sites need to be approved by WST so contact us  to start the process. Also, you are welcome to participate as either an individual or a mini-group even if you’re part of a collective — just make sure this works within the guidelines of your organization.

Can I share studio space with a friend or two?

Yes! We encourage artists to form “mini-groups” of three artists in one location. There are several benefits including lower pricing ($90/artists), increased traffic, and the enjoyment of hanging out with your artist friends all weekend! There is not discounted pricing for two artists in one location.

I have a question that is not addressed above:

Please send us your questions, ideas or concerns and we’ll get back to you quickly!