Jerrin Wagstaff

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Jerrin Wagstaff


The starting point for my artistic practice is the impulse to collect pictures. It is something I have done for as long as I can remember. I save anything that is of visual, thematic, or emotional interest to me. Among other things, I keep images related to popular culture, celebrity worship, fear of the apocalypse, personal history, national history, humor, loss, and the trustworthiness of information.

My work is an exploration of the meaning we attach to images and how they inform our thoughts, opinions, emotions, and language. Further, I am intrigued by what happens when they are decontextualized, interpreted, and re-contextualized with other images.

Jerrin is currently a resident at the Guthrie Artist Studios in downtown Salt Lake City and an Instructor of Art at Brigham Young University. While working in the studio, he enjoys the beautiful northern light, episodes from a Podcast by a friend that he hasn’t spoken to in years, and knowing that a giant painting of the Virgin Mary’s face is on the other side of his studio wall.

Recent exhibitions include a solo show, Conglomerate Landscapes, at Another Year in LA, Los Angeles, CA and the following group shows: Urban Plein Air, at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Odyssey II at Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA, Southern California Regional Exhibition at San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA (juried by Peter Frank), and Utah Ties at CUAC Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, Utah (juried by Adam Gildar)."