Janell James


Janell James

acrylic paint on multi-panel acrylic glass

Born and raised in Utah, I was always a free spirit allowed to roam the open fields near my home. Graced with the peaceful sounds of the Willow Creek running through my backyard, I was surrounded by old growth trees that towered above me. I could spend hours outside playing in the dirt or lying on my back listening to the birds and looking up at the clouds through these trees. 

I have always loved the Bay Area in California and so, I headed West to attend a two year intensive program at The Bay Area Classical Artists' Atelier. Completing my Classical training at an Atelier in Paris, I returned home to continue my studies in Helper, Utah. I continue to look for new ways of creating and expressing myself that have not yet been explored, marking my way individualistically as an artist.

James’ work bridges the gap between traditional and modern art. Painting on the front and back of five panes of acrylic glass, her work is sculptural, kinetic and 3D painting. Taking the many layers and glazes of traditional oil painting, James has separated these out onto 1/8 inch panes for all to see reinventing the landscape and abstract expressionism, utilizing modern day materials.

James’ work is collected nationally and internationally and she is represented in five galleries in the western U.S. Recent museum exhibitions include Desire Lines at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, a 10 year retrospective at The Woodbury Art Museum, The Springville Museum of Art and the C.M. Russell Museum.