Kathleen Carricaburu


Kathleen Carricaburu


My fine art jewelry are sculptural objects which translate through the art of my craft, a lifetime love of the natural world and its nuances into poetic objects referencing the beauty of nature through the lenses of culture and history.

I hope that my love of the material translates in my metal work.  I love the fact that I am working with elements such as minerals and fire and that it moves and bends and transforms sometimes from solid to liquid and that there is always an element of risk. My art is medium specific, identified with metal and metalsmithing and made by hand.

Eco- poetic,  my work is part of an archaic revival which returns to indigenous models which embody ecological vision where nature meets inner nature  The body, through adornment, also serves as an ideal form through which I can explore a direct encounter human/earth relationship. 

My aim is to not only be interventionist but to also inspire and stimulate dialogue in my community. This body of work would embrace my desire to be a spokesperson for the environment as well as create works which link art aesthetics , ecology and culture as well as the evolution of fine art crafts in Utah.  I received my MFA in metal smithing/jewelry from New Mexico State University in 2010.