Kindra Fehr

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Kinda Fehr


Kindra Fehr is an artist, art instructor, mommy, wife, and lover of creativity and the creative process. She has taught children and adults at various schools and organizations in Salt Lake City. These include the Visual Art Institute (where she is currently a board member), the Salt Lake Art Center (now known as UMOCA), Art Access/VSA, Montessori Community School, and currently Middle School/High School art at the Garfield School. She also teaches adult and children’s classes out of her Sugarhouse studio.

The Salt Lake City native has lived much of her life in the valley, with extended visits to Europe, Asia, and the East coast. She earned a BFA in drawing/painting from the University of Utah, studied at the Lacoste School of the Arts in France, and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally Her current work explores spirit, journey, life and death through the metaphor of a paper airplane. To keep up on her exhibits and classes, visit her website from the link below