Laurie Bray


Laurie Bray


“I don’t search for beauty, it knocks me over, chases me around the block and and blows my heart open with it’s captivating! Experiencing beauty transforms us, thus I am compelled by a force other than my conscious thought to capture it in a manner that will hopefully ignite a curiosity in others to pause and notice our every day world in a new light.”

Laurie’s subjects are diverse. While nature is undeniably her most inspirational subject, she loves the challenge of capturing a story in construction, architecture, fleeting light patterns, reflections and always in the human expression. Being located in both Sugar House and The Granary District fueled her quest to archive the quickly changing ‘landscape’ of these areas. People particularly treasure the old sign images and the places that were demolished a decade ago. She prints her images on textured metal, canvas and iridescent papers.

Laurie co-founded the Sugar House Art Walk in 2011, which is still ongoing. She has been a trustee of the Sugar House Community Council since 2007 and was one of the muralists in The Granary District Mural Tour in 2018.