Louise Fischman


Louise Fischman


In Nature’s chaos there are levels of unexpected order; and within this order there are bursts of unpredictable randomness.

The dynamic tension between order and chaos, both visually and conceptually, continues to fascinate me, and this dynamic is an important influence on my artwork.  I see the infinitely complex interplay between order and chaos everywhere in nature: from the “self-similar”, or fractal patterns in the veins of a leaf to oddly similar structure of a river system and its tributaries.  These qualities have drawn me to working with landscapes as a primary theme in my artwork. But rather than seeing a landscape as a scenic view, I try in my work to express the mysterious organizing principles and forces that underlie the external landscape itself. This perception of nature as a manifestation of mysterious, interwoven forces has a deep emotional resonance for me, and it deeply informs my work.

I am also drawn to the luminosity and richness of color found in nature, and to the interplay of light and shadow and color I see in natural forms. Light and color permeate my artwork, in whatever medium I work in: oil and acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, glass mosaic, or ceramic glazes.

I migrated to the American West from the New York area after receiving my BFA degree from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. I maintain a Utah teaching credential and continue to lead Therapeutic Art classes for patients at Primary Children’s Hospital’s Behavioral Health Facilities.