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Mary Tull


Mary Tull


I became a painter through years of dancing and making dances.  In graduate school, I began choreographing dances for camera using both still photography and video. My passion was to work with artists, especially soft sculpture artists, to construct abstract environments for multimedia works.  With painting I’ve discovered a new passion that allows me to continue my fascination with movement, especially the movement I see in the landscapes of the Mountain West. 

My work is built around the integration of wax with paint and pigment.  Some works are encaustic and others a mixed media combination of oils and cold wax,  at times combining both.  As artists have known for millenia, the fused hot wax medium is endlessly malleable, fluid, vibrant and supports a dynamic improvisational journey.  I find myself again in the role of choreographer with a vision and partners that allow me to move intuitively with the properties of this ancient medium, with its endless diversity and vibrancy.