Planning your tour


Planning your tour - October 12 & 13, 10-6 daily

Establish a time budget to make the most of your visits. If you’re like us, you want to see it all but…. we’re all busy and there are only so many hours in the day. Studios will be open 10-6 both days, although a few artists will only be open one day or by appointment on Sunday. Details are found on each artist profile.

Curate your weekend: Spend time in our artist gallery to see the breadth of work being featured. We all have favorites, but take a moment to see what else is out there — this is a great opportunity to learn something new! If time is limited, and you know exactly what you want to see, plan your tour by spending time in the gallery of the medium that interests you most, where you’ll see an array of different styles within that medium.

Organize your tour in a logical route, adding errands if needed.

Invite a friend or three… Make it a fun day with friends and family and even plan a stop for a treat, lunch or dinner after to discuss what you’ve learned.

Use our Google Map, created specifically for the tour. Clicking on a pin shows you address, group site information and medium. You can also launch driving directions from the map. Full artist details available October 1.

Download and print the artist list (available September 24) featuring all artists, including name, medium, address and group site.

Have fun, drive safely and enjoy meeting artists, learning more about their practice and above all enjoy the art!