Stephanie Saint-Thomas


Stephanie Saint-Thomas


I was born, in Madrid, Spain, in 1961, where my artist parents, Diane and Gregory Saint-Thomas, loved the warm Spanish, family oriented people and their history, and then we lived in Paris, France for six years, reveling in the French culture and art. But, it is in Holland, is where I fell in love with trees.

Living in Limburg, the southernmost province of the Netherlands, in the tiny hamlet of Valkenburg, where our house was surrounded by miles of protected sanctuary. There, as a young child, I explored forest paths for seven years, drawing trees in my sketchbook and imaging myself a nomad in a mystical realm.

In the winter of 1975 I moved to Utah. Here, in Utah, my love of trees has deepened. With every hike that I embark on with my husband and our dogs, I learn to see anew.  Spellbound by tortured beauty in a gnarled tree trunk, a grass clump webbed in raindrops, a stray curled leaf—revealing as much beauty in death as in life, tree roots grasping into earth as if it were their only way to prevent them from flying skyward--their limbs stretched outward to each other in a dance.

Just as the Pando, located in southern Utah, is the heaviest known living organism on the earth, due to the thousands of Aspen trees that are connected in one massive root system—so are we, the human race connected to one another. It is my art that roots me to this life and I hope my paintings bring you a sense of wonder and joy.